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We are a diverse cast of cultural entrepreneurs, former marketing clients, and agency vets uniquely qualified to help solve an equally diverse spectrum of business problems for companies of all shapes and sizes. We work in two “modes,” Brand Consultancy and Creative Agency. We’re at our best when we start with the first.  


Let’s triangulate the problem - with less fanfare, more meaning, in less time. Bring your quantitative data and your most impassioned POV on what’s in the way of being the brand you want to be. Then we’ll challenge it, with our own qualitative POV, steeped in real-time, street-level insights from our Cultural Advisory Board (CAB).

Speaking of marketing problems - we believe they can’t always be solved with advertising (or three months of discovery and 100-page PowerPoint decks). Our core team and our CAB know all the good places to dig outside the walled garden. We might find a product innovation idea. Or uncover hidden brand value in an overlooked segment. Let’s unroll our pants and roll up our sleeves. 


If you like what we dig up and want to keep us around longer, we’ll build out staffing and executional plans with you to be the agency your organization needs. Because we’ll literally build it to spec - augmenting your in-house capability with our Specialized Partners or complimenting existing agency partners to execute our way to happiness. For some clients, we’re their “wild card” strategic and creative strike team. For others, we’re full-service.

Our street-level, cultural approach doesn’t end with strategy. We know that the creative energy and output of today’s creators can supercharge creative development. Our briefing process is designed specifically for collaboration between our agency creatives and next-generation creators who, by and large, have never seen a traditional marketing brief. 


Are we offering a new “agency model”? Maybe. We picked up a few pieces we like from the traditional agency model, then invented new ones that we believe circumvent the noise and friction that often strain agency/client relationships. The foundation is a team that’s decidedly different than what you’d expect. A guy who rides skateboards in his spare time (who also happens to be a cultural icon), an Executive Creative Director turned Brand Client, a former record label owner, and other professional and cultural oddities. We just might be the posse of unicorns you’re looking for. 


Tony Hawk

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

After more than 30 years of building a global brand, ranging from apparel, toys, events, endorsements, production, & one of the most successful video game franchises ever, Tony’s insight is like none other. A master at the game of relevance.

Adam Wilson

Co-Founder, Strategy & Creative

With 21 years at creative and digital shops leading creative on brands like Jeep, Disney and Kraft, his time at Carhartt as the Director of Brand Marketing galvanized his love of strategy. He also has a hat addiction.

Ryan Maconochie

Co-Founder, Creative & Design

From leading creative on iconic brands like Miller High Life & McDonalds to publishing his own children’s book and graphical maps to tasty snacks, Ryan has been a creator trapped at big agencies for 20 years. Fun fact: he was Adam’s first AD partner at JWT.

Katherine Huber

Director of Client Services

Kathy is a Renaissance woman — board member at the Michigan Humane Society, founder of an acquired start- up, and most recently, a key leader on the Ford Motor Company Retail ad account. And somewhere in there earned her M.B.A. Always on point.

Jared Prindle

Co-Founder, Director of Production

Since becoming Tony Hawk Inc.’s first employee, Jared has been an integral part of building everything from a successful line of Hawk apparel, growing 900 Films, and establishing a partnership with YouTube to build the Ride Channel, one of the largest skateboarding platforms on YouTube.


Christos Moisides

Partner/Business Advisor

Christos is one of Detroit’s Renaissance men - an accomplished Director/DP with several motion picture and TV credits, including a reality-show called Detroit Rubber that featured Eminem. He’s also a prominent real estate developer deeply involved in the Detroit comeback story.


Matt Perlman

Business Manager

Matt — or Matty if you're close — cut his teeth running a record label throughout the late-90s/early-00s. But honed his true superpowers working at one of the nation's top accounting firms for nearly a decade before venturing out into the ad world. A CPA with a heart of the rarest gold.


Mike LaFontaine Jr

Founding Partner/Advisor

Mike grew up helping his family build one of Michigan’s largest family-owned automotive retail companies. A seasoned investor and lover of all things tech, Mike is our resident expert on the future of blockchain mechanics beyond cryptocurrency.


Rick Williams

CAB Director

Proprietor of one of the hottest sneaker shops, from NYC to L.A. & a handful of other ventures, Rick is the quintessential self-made entrepreneur. His vast network in the sneaker, fashion, and music scene is driven by his love of it all. The raddest Uncle Rick you may ever meet.


Cathy Goodman

CAB Director

Cathy’s background in production and creative editorial work is just the beginning. Her network of creators and interesting humans in general is significant, as is her ability to call bullshit right on cue. A SoCal lover, but a Detroit girl to the core.






In 2018, brands spent more than $600-billion* making promises. We often wonder how much has been spent keeping those promises.

*SOURCE: eMarketer Inc., 2018



Dear Marketers,

We generally mind our own, but we overheard you saying: “I’m always stuck in an executional loop. No time to think strategically beyond 2-weeks, let alone 2-years.” We know. We’ve been there before too, friend. But, here’s the thing - you don’t have to wait for the strategic offsite in Boca to watch hungover colleagues draw more Venn diagrams on those giant sticky notes. When we look in your eyes we see your brand hopes and capitalist dreams - yearning for Conscious Company transformation - more authentic brand belief - desire to explore how your most loyal segment is aging out and why Millennials throw their participation trophies at you (JK, kids) - or turning your “Challenger Brand” into a market-share eating honey badger. We believe in you. Because some of us here at D/CAL have been in your seat. So, whatya say? We can swing by with a pumpkin spice latte and chat it out. We won’t stay long. Or, you can just wait until after that strategic offsite. Either way - our uncommon client empathy awaits. 🤗