Brands can’t move at the speed-of-culture looking in the rear view mirror. So we literally plug-in to keep the agency and our clients closer to the ebbs and flows of what consumers care about. Our Advisory Board is a diverse, independent group of cultural provocateurs from key categories who’ve never been (and never will be) on an agency’s payroll. They’re our street-level, built-in bullshit detectors, trend spotters, devilish advocates, unbiased critics, and the tippy top of our deep network of creators. Though they remain non-exclusive affiliates, we gave them enough skin in the game to keep us on top of ours.


They bring extraordinary value to our client engagements through strategic input, influence of brief development, critiques of pre-pitch client work, recruiting of up and coming creator talent, 1:1 consulting opportunities, and networking for fresh brand collaborations.


Jessica Murnane

Wellness advocate, podcaster, and creative consultant Jessica Murnane is the friend you never knew you had. With a unique style and playful tone, Jessica shares what she’s learned on her way to healing her body through food - via her podcast (One Part Podcast) and cookbook (One Part Plant). With all of her work, Jessica has a knack for connecting and creating engaged communities. She's contributed to/appeared in magazines and websites that include Bon Appétit, Goop, Shape Magazine, and The Coveteur and has spoken at Apple, Wanderlust, and Chicago Lit Fest, among others. 

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Atiba Jefferson

Photographer and skateboarder Atiba Jefferson lives and works in Los Angeles. While these two passions have led to his international acclaim as a skateboarding photographer and working for Thrasher Magazine, Atiba also has a deep history with basketball, being a staff photographer for the LA Lakers during the Shaq and Kobe years, and shooting more SLAM magazine covers than any other photographer. Alongside commercial shoots for clients such as Supreme, adidas, Nike, Converse and Oakley, Atiba’s extensive portfolio also comprises music and lifestyle photography and has been exhibited across the globe.


Paul Blair/DJ White Shadow

Paul Blair AKA DJ White Shadow, is a music producer, DJ, and entrepreneur best known as the producer for Lady Gaga's Born This Way and Artpop albums.  His work has appeared in everything from feature films to Super Bowl spots. If you can track him down, he’s a mastermind of many things. Lucky for us, we have him on speed dial.


Jon Gray

Accomplished chef and cultural curator, Jon Gray, co-founded Ghetto Gastro as a culinary collective and cultural movement that operates at the intersection of food, design and community empowerment through transformative experiences, narrative-driven content, and other tactical sorcery.  He challenges perceptions attached to fine dining and how people relate and react to food though unique and unexpected experiences.


Joe Gall

Joe Gall AKA @camera_jesus is an award-winning photographer, extreme sportsman, and travel addict. He has literally photographed thousands of bands, artists, athletes and personalities that span the cultural spectrum of sports, fashion, music, outdoors and the entertainment industry. His kindness can only be outdone by his other worldly observations.